Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We are Back!

Dear Shark Safe Supporters
We apologize for our brief absence. We are back online and ready to continue with the Shark Safe Project Action Plan.
We currently have several projects in the works.

#1 We are organizing a Protest Demonstration targeting a Shark Tournament in Fort Myers Florida. The (get this)"Are You Man Enough Shark Challenge" is scheduled to take place June 6-7 2009 in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. The Protest Demonstration will take place May 23-24 2009. Stand By for details.

#2 We are establishing a Shark Safe Marina Initiative in the US, begining in Florida. (You know us! Just jump in the flames were the fire is the hottest!)

#3 We are returning to San Francisco's Chinatown and meeting with several prominent local Chefs to begin a major campaign to have Shark Fin Soup removed from restaurants.

More details to follow soon!

May the Sharks be with you,
The Shark Safe Team

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