Friday, May 22, 2009

Come Celebrate with the Shark Safe Team

We at Shark Safe wish to thank all of you for supporting us in achieving this great victory for sharks in Florida. Many of you had planned on attending the Shark Safe Rally this weekend and perhaps put off other holiday events in doing so. The Shark Safe Team encourages everyone to still come to Fort Myers Beach and  spend a few hours with us. We would like to meet all of you and personally thank you for your support. Shark Safe would also like to encourage everyone to patronize the  host establishments of Shark Fest 2009. We are NOT going there to gloat but to in fact show to them our gratitude for making the right decision in changing the tournament format to 100% catch and release.

Please Join Us!

Please do not bring any signs or banners as this is no longer a rally or demonstration. 
This is not an organized event. We only would like to meet, greet and discus all things Sharky!

You should anticipate holiday weekend traffic and parking issues. If you arrive late, no worries just look for us at either the Snug Harbor Restaurant or the Smokin Oyster Brewery.
We will be having lunch at the Snug Harbor restaurant and then swinging by the Smokin Oyster Brewery to enjoy a tasty adult beverage.

All are welcome bring the family and your friends!

Thank You All,

The Shark Safe Team

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