Thursday, June 11, 2009

Help Make the Discovery Channel
Shark Safe

To all of our Shark Safe Friends

Please sign and forward this petition to your friends! It is just a beginning.....but a necessary one. Some of you know that recently our Marine Preserve Shark Park in Fiji was the site of a sensationalized filming project in which our sharks where depicted as blood thirsty maniacal killers! The crew was filming the lead program for Shark Week for Discovery Channel and the program is named "Deadly Waters"! For two years we were able to steer these clowns with a "Jaws" mentality away from this environmental and local economically successful Fijian Marine Preserve however this year they slipped in on a large boat and shot their story board sequences for several days. The "bogus" experiments they set up altered the behavior of the local shark population creating a dangerous situation for future divers in the park, created frenzied artificial feeding scenarios and sensationalized the "blood and horror" image of sharks once again. They dumped thousands of pounds of chum on the site in an attempt to pull to the surface the normally deeper dwelling species of bull and silver tipped sharks in an effort to get footage of sharks tearing into a tuna fish stuffed wetsuit which was portrayed as an unsuspecting diver......!! "Jaws" died decades ago! The sharks and the oceans need our help and in "the day" Discovery set the bar of credibility high in their programing and scientific content. Sadly today it has become a travesty of ratings seeking "fear" mongering. Please sign the petition....forward it to all your friends and encourage Discovery to educate their audience....not "bullshit" them!

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Gary and Brenda Adkison
Shark Foundation, USA

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